I am back on the trail and running at 50% of my usual mileage and running slower.  Sigh, rehab!   I think I have been running and biking on this trail for about 5 years.  My running buddy and I have gotten used to seeing some familiar faces over the years.  We call these dudes our “boyfriends”.  These guys appear to be over 60 and look strong and dedicated.  One of them wears a hydration pack and runs a minimum of thirteen miles from our calculations.  Another guy rides his bike for at least 30+ miles.  So this summer, we haven’t seen any of these guys around.  We cannot figure out what happened to them.  They just disappeared.  We miss them.  I mean, we have gotten used to seeing them every week.  They wave and say “hi” and we wave back.  I hope they come back.  They were so inspirational.  Meanwhile, we have seen a few new ones…not the same though.