Back on the trail again…although slowly

Back on the trail again…although slowly


My last post was back in June.  The kids and I were in Chicago for three weeks.  That may seem long to some, but we only see grandparents and cousins twice a year.  Chicago is just wonderful in the summer.  We do all the museums every year and find new restaurants.  Both my kids are into running this summer, so the Lakeshore trail and the Northwestern track were a daily must-do.  Unfortunately, my mom ended up in the urgi-care first and then the ER for two days.  Luckily, all her tests came back normal, although her mystery chest pain is still lingering.  Weight loss is still the key to this mystery.  My twelve year old son got his grandparents some clip-on Fitbits.  So cute.  They have 10,000 daily steps as a goal.  My mom has lost several pounds since…keeping my fingers crossed.IMG_0270On the day we came back to North Carolina, I woke up with the worst sinus infection.  It lasted all of July and even with a z-pak.  In addition to my troubles, I had to have a toenail removed from a subungal hematoma (runner’s toenail).  And, my ankle with the metal plate and six pins was swelling and painful in one area.  Oy vey!  After a visit to the Ortho and three X-rays later, I was put on a “back to running” protocol.  The hardware looked solid and it is a soft tissue issue.  Rhyme intended.  I am really bad at following this sort of thing.  Because in my mind, I am still 18 and invincible.  However, I am taking it easy.  I haven’t run ten miles since Chicago and I have built up to around 4.  Boy, it takes patience to rehab.  I know this all too well having a shattered ankle 9 years go, but it is still hard.  I just want to go run!  I am being good and doing my stretches and exercises.  I keep reminding myself that if my mom can work up to 15,000 steps a day, I too can be patient, have self-control and take it slow.  I will be back.IMG_0271

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