Unwitting Title

Unwitting Title

SoHo House Chicago Margarita
Spicy SoHo House Chicago Margarita

I have acquired the unwitting title of “Margarita Maker”.  I did not seek this title, but everyone talks tequila with me as though I’m George Clooney and Randy Gerber.  As a lifelong calorie-phobe, I have always been on the lookout for low-calorie drinks.  Alcohol was never a requirement in my diet.  Although in college, we drank a lot of beer at fraternities and boy this put me off beer for life.  And, a group of us would go bar hopping as seniors and drink long island ice teas.  Now one of those was all I needed because we ran and didn’t bother with dinner!  We usually got pizza around midnight.  Sigh, youth.

I moved onto vodka and pineapple juice in my early twenties.  I was introduced to this drink by a coworker.  After finding out that my new and cool drink was over 350 calories a serving, I lost interest…

Gimlets, either gin or vodka were my go to drink in my late twenties.  My husband’s uncle, who drove a Porsche 911 made one for me and I loved them.  It is what all the cool grown ups were drinking in the late 90’s.  My early thirties were all about marathon training.   I did not drink any alcohol then because those long training runs were brutal.

What bought me back to drinking was playdates with fellow moms.  I remember a lot of wine playdates.  I am not a wine person and therefore decided to drink something else.  Somewhere in my kitchen was a large stainless steel cocktail mixer with a dozen drink recipes on.  Just twirl to the drink of choice and the ingredients appeared on the side!  Before this margarita immersion, the only margaritas I had were from that fancy restaurant chain “Chi Chi’s”!  The super sweet, goopy, made with fake margarita mix concoctions that came in gigantic glasses.

I made the margarita recipe from my cocktail mixer.  It was too sweet for me and had too many calories.  I did experiment with some other versions, but I did not care for them.  There are many, many margarita recipes out there.  But I came across a simple recipe that is the best margarita I have ever had.  It is refreshing, delicious and not too sweet.  Just for the record, one of these is all I need.

Seshu’s Margarita

1.5 oz Tequila (silver or reposado)

1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice

1 t agave syrup

crushed ice to taste

Combine all ingredients, shake and serve.

Seshu's Margarita
My Margarita with a silver tequila



I can’t remember the first time I ever drank coffee.  I am however, hooked.  Good coffee is such a pleasure.  I do brew my own espresso.  It’s a ritual that I look forward to once in the morning and early afternoon.



They do brew some magical coffee in the little road side coffee shops in South India.  It’s served piping hot in metal lotas (cups) and metal saucers.  As a kid, I was enamored with canned coffee in Japan.  Not only did the vending machines serve cold coffee, they served hot coffee and tea!  I must have drank at least 30 coffees during our trip.  The cans were works of art and had really cool designs.  UCC, Pokka…



I have two sisters, one that drinks coffee and one that doesn’t.  The sister that doesn’t drink coffee has sparkling white teeth.  She’s a dentist who actually doesn’t brush her teeth twice a day!  My parents drink coffee also.  My dad and I argue about who’s coffee is better.  He’s very loyal to his Nespresso.  I prefer to grind my own beans.  Lavazza, Intelligentsia, Illy…  I will be in Chicago in June.  There are several new coffee places and  I want to try.  Will keep you posted.